trouble (kudra) wrote,

this time

I've had enough. This time when my boss screamed at me, I was on the phone with him. I drove in anyway, and my resolve grew. I asked him if he had a minute, and he said no. So I waited. He came back in the office and I told him, calmly, that I wasn't okay with being spoken to in that manner. I then made it clear that I hoped that he and I could resolve it without it going any further up the chain of command. It was at this point that he began shouting obscenities at me, and I told him that I was leaving.

This is textbook workplace bullying, even down to the part where I'm a younger female and he's an older dude with a sketchy mustache. It's my word against his on 80% of the stuff that has gone on, though at this point he's flipped out on me within earshot of other employees three times now. I'm not counting on them for much, because they're terrified of him and want to keep their jobs. I can't change the world. I know that when I meet with the HR lady and my district manager tomorrow, that odds are that they will simply file my complaint and I can either go back to the situation or not. I don't have any legal recourse, either- there's a bill in VT house that deals with verbal abuse in the workplace right now but it's caught up in committee. I've been a model employee for three years, he's been there two months. I've worked every thankgiving, christmas, new years, fourth of july without complaint. I've had family members knock on the kitchen door months after their loved one has passed away for a hug, thanking me for all that I did and the difference I made.

I'll walk away with my head held high, counting lucky everythings for the father I grew up with and for the man I'm going to marry. 
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